Iowa: Monroe Care Center in Albia is closing causing residents to relocate

April 12, 2024

Two weeks ago on April 2nd, the Monroe Care Center issued a press release saying they will be closing on June 1st. Giving patients and their families a little under two months to relocate them. According to the American Health Care Association, between 2007 and 2022, more than one-thousand nursing homes in the United States have closed.

To address the residents and families concerns, they held a Town Hall meeting on Wednesday April 10th. This meeting was closed to the public and media to preserve the residents’ rights to medical privacy.

In addition to that, Monroe Care Center declined to speak with KYOU as well as denied giving us a written statement. KYOU’s Randall Gimm went to the Town Hall meeting and waited out front to speak with family members coming to the meeting, and they said the closure is upsetting.

Read the full story from KYOU News here.