America’s long term care givers protect our nation’s seniors, the most vulnerable in our population. These frontline heroes work day and night in nursing homes and assisted living communities. Oftentimes they do so with minimal support from the public health sector. During the pandemic, long term care providers worked tirelessly while confronting staffing and resource needs, including PPE and testing shortages.

State of the Industry

Health and long term care experts have called on our nation’s policymakers time and again to address the needs and challenges confronting the industry. The long term care profession is now facing a historic workforce crisis as hundreds of thousands of caregivers have left the profession. The pandemic also has exacerbated long-standing financial challenges for the profession. Providers have been forced to limit admissions, leaving hospitals struggling to find room for those in need of care. Many long term care providers have closed their doors and many more are at risk. Residents and families have been left scrambling to find care.

What We Can Do :

Long term caregivers desperately need support from our nation’s policymakers in order to attract and retain a high quality workforce, and keep their doors open so they can provide the essential care our growing population of older Americans needs. Frontline heroes, residents and their families deserve a real commitment to care from elected leaders in Washington.  It’s time to save our seniors. 


  • Congress can provide immediate support to long term care residents and staff by replenishing the Provider Relief Fund
  • Federal and state policymakers should work with stakeholders to enact meaningful change to help transform America’s nursing homes. See AHCA and LeadingAge’s Care For Our Seniors Act – a bold nursing home reform plan with these key pillars: