During a historic labor crisis, the Biden Administration is proposing a federal staffing mandate for nursing homes. Long term care facilities are eager to hire more caregivers, but the nationwide shortage of nurses and lack of resources would make this mandate impossible to meet. More nursing homes will be forced to limit the number of residents they can serve or close altogether—devastating access to care for our nation’s seniors.

The Current Crisis

Labor is Scarce

Nursing homes have lost more workers than any other health care sector, and there’s a growing shortage of nurses.

Nursing Home Closures

More than 500 nursing homes have closed over the course of the pandemic, often due to a lack of available workers.

What They Are Saying

Experts agree: A one-size-fits-all mandate will hurt access to care for seniors. Nursing homes need proper funding and recruitment programs.


Unfunded staffing mandates won’t fix this labor crisis. We need comprehensive solutions that invest in our long term caregivers and address underlying workforce challenges. And we must build a pipeline of dedicated caregivers for our nation’s growing elderly population.

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