America’s greatest generation deserves our support.

The health and safety of our seniors should be our top priority.

Caregivers in nursing homes and assisted living communities are courageously fighting to protect their residents from COVID-19 – but without proper government support, our nation’s greatest generation and those most vulnerable remain at risk.

In this unprecedented time, everyone must rally around long term care residents and staff. We need proactive policies that provide adequate testing, personal protective equipment (PPE), staff support and funding to help nursing homes and assisted living communities battle the pandemic and prepare for the future.


Covid 19 Impact Timeline

Mar 10, 2020

In a CNN interview, AHCA/NCAL President and CEO Mark Parkinson called on the Centers for Disease Control to provide adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) and testing for long term care communities in response to COVID-19, which he called “a perfect killing machine.”

Jun 8, 2020

AHCA/NCAL sent a letter to HHS and FEMA, requesting support and funding for assisted living providers who primarily care for seniors, but have not received any federal aid.

The price of inaction would be devastating – to our residents, to their loved ones, and to those who work in assisted living communities who see their residents as family members.”

Mark Parkinson and Scott Tittle

Jul 21, 2020

AHCA/NCAL called on Congress to provide funding to nursing homes and assisted living communities for testing, PPE and staffing support. Additionally, AHCA/NCAL called for long term care communities to be prioritized for vaccine distribution.

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