Pennsylvania: Bucktail Medical Center in Renovo to close long-term care facility in May, citing revenue shortfalls

March 19, 2024

Bucktail Medical Center in Renovo is closing its long-term care facility on May 14. The hospital’s leadership says they are facing “overwhelming” and ongoing revenue shortfalls with the facility.

Bucktail is working with UPMC and other providers to transfer residents. The hospital says it plans to move displaced staff into open positions at the hospital or help them find work through its health care partners.

In a news post from the hospital, Clinton County Commissioner Angela Harding pointed out that many rural health institutions nationwide are struggling.

“While no one wants to make these difficult decisions, they have to be made to achieve the goal; which is to keep BMC open and operating in our county,” Harding said. “It’s only by coming together, pooling our resources and efforts, that we can ensure that Bucktail Medical Center remains open and accessible for the long haul.”

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