New Cases in Nursing Homes Have Fallen 80% Since Vaccinations Began

February 25, 2021

New Covid-19 cases and deaths in nursing homes have declined dramatically since late December at a rate outpacing the decreases in the general population, according to data compiled by the Kaiser Family Foundation, in a welcome sign of the efficacy of vaccines. 

Weekly new cases in nursing homes have fallen by more than 80% since Dec. 20, when vaccine distribution began with priority for nursing home residents and staff — it’s nearly double the rate that cases have fallen in the general population. 

The number of weekly deaths in nursing homes has decreased by 66% since vaccination efforts began, compared to an overall increase in deaths among the general population during the same time period.

“I’m almost at a loss for words at how amazing it is,” Dr. David Gifford, the chief medical officer for the American Health Care Association told The New York Times. “If we are seeing a robust response with this vaccine with the elderly with a highly contagious disease … I think that’s a great sign for the rest of the population.” 

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