More nursing homes and senior living facilities are closing their doors because of COVID’s impact

July 11, 2021

The nursing home operated by Alaris Health on John F. Kennedy Boulevard in Guttenberg was old. Built long before there was any concerns about isolating large numbers of residents to stop a virus that could spread like wildfire, it was small and had as many as four to a room.

And now it is closed.

The long-running coronavirus pandemic took the lives of more than 7,800 long-term care residents in New Jersey.

It also has had a big impact on nursing homes.

Since March 2020, three nursing facilities in the state have shut down, state data shows, underscoring not only changes that COVID brought to standards of care, say experts, but also a growing financial instability in the industry nationwide. In each of the two previous years before the deadly virus struck, there was only one nursing home closure in New Jersey, according to the state Department of Health.

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