Members of Congress Urge White House to Investigate Price Gouging From Staffing Agencies

January 26, 2022

The nursing home sector appears to have picked up a few allies as it continues to look for ways to address price gouging from staffing agencies.

In a letter signed on Monday, Reps. Peter Welch (D-Vt.), Morgan Griffith (R-Va.), and nearly 200 other members of Congress nationwide called on White House officials to investigate nurse staffing agency conduct over the course of the pandemic.

“We are writing because of our concerns that certain nurse-staffing agencies are taking advantage of these difficult circumstances to increase their profits at the expense of patients and the hospitals that treat them,” the letter said. “We urge you to enlist one or more of the federal agencies with competition and consumer protection authority to investigate this conduct to determine if it is the product of anticompetitive activity and/or violates consumer protection laws.”

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