Long-Term Care Advocates, Worried About Vulnerable Residents, Say Plans for COVID-19 Booster Shots Must Start Now

May 27, 2021

Five months after the first COVID-19 vaccine doses made their way to the nation’s nursing homes, long-term care advocates are sounding the alarm about the need for a plan for a potential booster shot, out of concern that elderly long-term care residents will be the first to see the effects of the coronavirus vaccine wear off.

Although vaccine companies have already begun clinical trials forĀ booster shots, there is still not enough research to know if or when people will need them, experts tell ABC News.

“We don’t have quite all the pieces yet,” said Dr. Thaddeus Stappenbeck, chair of the Department of Inflammation and Immunity at Cleveland Clinic. “We don’t know how long immunity lasts in any individual, because we just haven’t had enough experience with this virus.”

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