Lack of Care Homes Leaves Families Scrambling for Help

June 22, 2021

Bill Mulleneaux lived a life full of accomplishments. From decades as a highway patrol officer in the Department of Public Safety to his time as a member of the Thatcher Town Council.

“He dedicated his life to this community down here,” said his son Scott Mulleneaux. “I’m very proud of him.”

As Bill grew older, he developed Alzheimer’s and started to need more help doing everyday things. Scott said he and his family tried to take care of those needs, but eventually they needed help and looked for an assisted living facility.

“He needed more care than my family could give. We looked everywhere, and we didn’t want to take him all the way to Tucson,” Scott said, “I couldn’t get my dad into any facility down here. There’s a desperate need down here.”

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