Jaques: Nursing home staffing mandate misses mark for vets

April 11, 2024

My time serving my country in the Delaware Air National Guard is something that I am most proud of. I hold that same pride for the millions of military veterans across America. I have a profound appreciation for the sacrifices made by our veterans, and I believe it is crucial that they receive support as they age, here in Delaware and beyond.

Unfortunately, the federal government’s proposed staffing mandate for nursing homes has the potential to have a detrimental impact on Delaware’s veteran population if it goes into effect. The welfare of community members should be paramount in any policy considerations, but this mandate overlooks the unique challenges faced by the Delaware Veterans Home and thousands of nursing homes throughout the country.

The Delaware Veterans Home has 150 beds for veterans but has struggled significantly with staffing shortages over the past several years. Despite its best efforts to recruit and retain the necessary workers, there are just not enough qualified staff available right now to fill the open positions. Today, the Delaware Veterans Home is operating at half-capacity because of workforce challenges.