Drop In COVID Among Seniors Boosts Confidence In Vaccine Campaign: ‘It’s Absolutely Working’

April 22, 2021

Evidence that COVID-19 vaccines are working is bringing about hope that the pandemic will soon fade in the United States.

Washington Examiner analysis of data from 14 states found that the rate of COVID-19 cases among those aged 65 and older, the group with the highest rates of vaccination, is dropping at a faster rate than younger age groups.

“The vaccine is working as intended,” said Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director at the American Public Health Association. “There is no question that it is absolutely working.”

The 14 states included in the analysis were California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin. The rates of COVID-19 were examined from just before the vaccination campaign began on Dec. 20 until early April. Combined, the rate of cases among seniors in those states dropped 86%, while it fell 71% for younger age groups.

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