Care centers call for action as nursing homes closing across Iowa

February 16, 2023

DES MOINES, Iowa — Census data routinely shows a higher proportion of Iowans are reaching retirement age every year. An aging population means a higher demand for assisted living and other short and long-term care options. But Iowa is seeing a number of nursing homes fall significantly, particularly in rural areas.

“Two weeks ago, I received a call from a facility that’s closing about 30 miles south of Dubuque.” Said Matt Jahn of Stonehill Communities in Dubuque. Jahn says they were looking for rooms for dozens of residents. Paula Giese of Bartels Lutheran Retirement says three to four facilities closed near them and Julie Thorson of Friendship Haven in Fort Dodge says several levels of assisted living are no longer an option there. “We’ve had a local in-town nursing home and assisted living announce they’re closing and another facility a few miles north of us is also closing.”

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